About me.

Professional, pragmatic, strongly oriented to results and focused on decision making and problem solving. I consider teamwork and cooperation spirit as the most important ingredients in the execution of successful projects. I´m especially interested in innovation as the mean for personal and professional growth and development that in turn make a sustainable contribution to the society we live in.  From my personal experience, I led different consultancy areas in strategy, operations and human capital with 100+ people in charge. As of the massive advance of technology in our lives, in the past few years I focused on Innovation and Business Model Transformation, helping companies and institutions to accomplish the following objectives:


Design and execute the necessary roadmap to make a successful transformation journey that invites us to:

  • Think about the validity of the business model in the context of the current disruption and transformation.
  • Help create real value to the business.
  • Lead and guide the transformation journey from start to finish.
  • Achieve concrete results.
  • Evaluate investment needs in defined key technologies.
  • Identify new business scenarios and work processes based on transformation.